The Weight Loss Program


Knowing your starting place is important in any process; including weight loss. We use two high-tech instruments, the ReeVue and the Tanita Scale, to discover where you’re at and then track your progress.


  • The ReeVue uses indirect calorimetry to measure your basal metabolic rate and provides the exact number of calories you’ll need to eat to lose weight.
  • The Tanita Scale tracks progress by measuring BMI, body fat and water weight.



Losing weight is a complex, multi-faceted process having to do with healthy self-image, good lifestyle, health promoting diet, and the correct use of supplementation. Relying on only one of these factors may account for the reason why only 5% of all dieters are able to keep excess weight off.

The weight management program at the Delmar Wellness Center provides sound advice on all of the lifestyle factors that result in normalization of weight.

  • How exercise should be integrated into a weight loss program.
  • Products for weight loss and purification only available through trained professionals.
  • Ongoing support and direction to understand how to live healthy.
  • Specific advice on the use of botanical medicines where there is an overlay of dysfunction (such as chronic fatigue syndrome, low thyroid function, adrenal dysfunction).

Any overlay of dysfunction is a situation where you have a disease process (e.g., diabetes) or symptomatic syndrome (such as IBS or Chronic Fatigue) associated with a weight problem. Losing weight cannot and should not be considered alone in these cases – weight loss must be addressed at the same time as these other problems to avoid a worsening of the condition brought on by restricted caloric intake.

  • The benefits of a low carb diet
  • Understanding good fats and bad fats
  • The difference between slow absorbing carbs and fast absorbing carbs The core of the diet program focuses on the following factors:
  • Assessment of the weight loss problem
  • Setting Goals
  • Coaching to overcome barriers
  • Deciding on a strategy that works


When necessary, therapeutic nutrition may also be employed to address organ dysfunction, which may be contributing to weight gain. The most common problems are related to fluid retention, unreleased body toxicity due to sluggish kidneys and liver, and low thyroid function.

The above factors (assessment, goals, coaching, & strategy) combined with therapeutic nutrition can help you achieve weight loss without putting your health at risk with the use of questionable products made from dubious chemical concoctions or outright dangerous ingredients found in so many commercial “fasting” products; such as ephedra.

The difference between using whole food weight products and commercial diet program products is your health. Both products restrict calories by eliminating one or two meals, however, fasting products that rely on synthetic vitamins and processed protein isolates are treated as xenobiotics (foreign compounds) by the body and are rejected. The end result of this kind of weight loss is cellular starvation of vital nutrient complexes, which leave the body in a run-down condition. This sets the stage for gaining the weight back because of altered endocrine set points and depleted nutritional stores.

Whole foods eliminate this problem because they are not processed, but remain in the original unprocessed state as they are found in nature. The body recognizes this kind of nutrition and uses it to feed cells while shedding unnecessary fat stores leaving the body restored and rejuvenated.

Attaining ideal weight is a reasonable and do-able task when “broken-down” to clearly defined components of “what to do” linked with coaching and accountability. If what you’ve read makes sense – you owe it to yourself to get started.

Two Ways To Participate

  • Individual consultation
  • Group Session

Individual sessions allow an opportunity to discuss specific health concerns with the doctor to determine what is the best course of action for you to take.

Dr. Olejak will work with any group of 4 persons or more at your location and explain the program and offer coaching for successful completion at no additional cost. The session is a single evening event lasting approximately 3 hours.

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Measure Your Metabolism: The ReeVue works by indirect calorimetry. It measures your oxygen intake and the carbon dioxide you exhale to calculate your basal metabolic rate. With ReeVue you'll know if you need an endocrine consult or a plan of action. The test takes 10 minutes and is non-invasive. You just breathe. imgres Call us at 518-439-5077 and ask for a free 15-minute consultation to determine if our program fits your needs.

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