The Delmar Wellness Detox Program

The Delmar Wellness Center detoxification program can be tailored to meet the needs of individual patients and are provided as part of a long-term approach to weight management, health, and immune system revitalization.

The body only has a few options when it comes to dealing with toxic compounds:

  • Bury them in body fat
  • Excrete them
  • Change to a less toxic form and store them, or
  • Change them into a suitable form for elimination

The problem we modern humans face is that we exposed to low level poisons in our food, air, and water over a long term that eventually leads to accumulations that are toxic and become a causative factor in disease. Low level poisons coupled with depleted foods equals immune system damage, disease, and early aging.

Toxins can enter the body through the digestive tract, skin penetration, the lungs, and also as a result of emotions (the lingering effects of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline).

The Delmar Wellness Center detoxification program is designed to eliminate these toxins from your body so they do not cause cellular damage and eventually disease.

Take a few minutes to view a great presentation on where toxicity comes from and when it starts. This is powerful!

What does the Detox Program entail?

The detox program is three weeks long. It is first and foremost an elimination diet that will remove all processed food, meat, wheat and dairy from the diet.

Many people who suffer from environmental allergies or chemical sensitivities find this aspect of the program very helpful and are often free of symptoms within just a few days of starting the program

In short, you become a vegetarian for three weeks. There is no limit to the amount of vegetables you can eat and vegetable variety is strongly encouraged. Fruits are allowed on the program, however since fruits are high in natural sugars there is an upper limit on how much of these items you may consume.

Two numbers bracket the three weeks. These two numbers should occupy your consciousness throughout the detox because they are the key to your success. These numbers are are 100 and 1300/1500. Let me explain…

i. 100 equals the number of grams of carbohydrates you are allowed to eat as whole grains, vegetable starches, and simple sugars. The number is low because we want the body to use alternate pathways for energy generation. Any carbohydrates that are eaten and not readily needed for energy are stored as glycogen in the liver. While this is normal physiology … we don’t want that. Instead we want the liver to STOP storing carbs and START breaking down adipose tissue (fat) for energy. And this brings us to the second number…

ii. 1500 / 1800 are the Total Caloric Intake (TCI) for women and men per day; respectively. As my high school physic teacher once told me “…you can’t break the second law of thermodynamics…” Energy is neither created nor destroyed, merely transformed. My corollary to this law is that “calories are neither created nor destroyed they are either used for energy or stored as fat.”

iii. Measure these two numbers every day and you will transform your awareness of the energy content of food and what you’re body really needs for energy on a daily basis.

There are five supplements that are part of the program. They are all made from whole organic foods. They are a whole food protein shake to replace meals and allay hunger, a cleanse product, a fiber product, a green food product and an omega 3 fat. These five supplements work in unison to produce the following effects: spare lean muscle mass, ramp up kidney and liver detox mechanisms (particularly the cytochrome P450 pathway), detox and cleanse the bowel and increase oxygenation of the tissues.

Top Benefits of the Detox Program

  • More energy
  • Lose weight
  • Control blood sugar
  • Decrease cholesterol
  • Disease prevention
  • Reduce high blood pressure

Objectives of the Detoxification Program

  • Enhance liver and kidney detoxification
  • Remove toxins released from fat cells during beta-oxidation
  • Restore the integrity of the digestive tract
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Improve skin clarity & texture
  • Rest the endocrine system
  • Provide essential nutrients
  • Burn Fat

What the Detox Program is NOT

  • The detoxification program is not a fasting program. Fasting is not advisable as it can cause wide fluctuations in blood sugar levels and loss of lean muscle mass; neither of which is healthy or advisable.
  • The detoxification program is not a purging program or a colon cleansing program. It does not involve enemas, colonic irrigation, or the use of laxatives.
  • The detoxification program is not Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, LA Weight Loss, Atkins or any other fad diet. It is based on three simple principles: detoxification, caloric restriction and energy expenditure via exercise. No magic, just consistent action in three domains.

What Others Say About The Detox Program

“My blood pressure has been yo-yo-ing on medication for years, I finally feel like something is working since the purification plan.” ~Elfrieda, aged 84, Catskill, NY

“Between my shoulder blades was killing me – that’s better. I also have wrists again.”

~Anne, aged 45, Cairo, NY

“I lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks. I realized going through the purification program that I needed to make a commitment to my health and I’m feeling good.”

~Pearl, aged 64, Ravena, NY

“I went on the purification plan hoping to improve my allergies and energy level after a long battle with Candida. I was quite surprised at how both improved over the three week period and how I’ve continued to get better. ”

~Marlene, aged 71, Schenectady, NY

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21 Days

Off stimulants: Cut out the coffee, nicotine, alcohol, and illicit drugs. Purify: 21 days to let the liver and kidney clean out. Better choices: The post purification program keeps your new lifestyle on track.

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