Delmar Wellness Center Policies:

Comprehensive Wellness Consults – by Appointment only (by phone, online, or in person at Chatham office only.  When absolutely necessary, house calls will be considered– for an additional charge.)



  • Patients who refer their friends, family or co-workers are rewarded with a 20% discount on any service or product Dr. Olejak offers in connection with his practice as a token of our appreciation.
  • Referral rewards are not automatic — please ask.


Payment is due at the time of service, we are sorry but we do not have the staff (or the deep pockets) to manage accounts.

  • The forms of payment we accept are: cash, check, AMEX, VISA, Discover, MasterCard and PayPal.
  • Delmar Wellness has a number of pre-paid treatment savings plans (please click on Professional Fees to learn more)

Medical Savings Accounts:

  • We can produce the necessary forms for you to get reimbursed for health care costs out of your Medical Savings Account at no additional charge
  • You can use your medical savings account debit card at the Delmar Wellness Center.


  • Returns: Delmar Wellness will accept returns for supplement credit on supplements under four conditions:
  1. The item is unopened in its original packaging
  2. The item is undamaged
  3. The item has at least 6 months left before reaching the “best used by” date
  4. The item was not part of a discounted special offer or a special order


  • Patient records are the property of The Delmar Wellness Center and The New York State Education Department requires us to keep records for 7 years
  • Upon the execution of a Release for Health Records we will gladly copy and send records to another health provider as a courtesy. If the file is more than 20 pages a fee of 25 cents per page will be assessed to individuals to cover the cost of duplication. (records for litigation are 75 cents per page)


  • Forensic Reports: In litigation cases where a forensic report is necessary the fee is $225.00
  • Testimony: If Dr. Olejak is required to give testimony in a personal injury litigation case the fee is $175.00 per hour

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