“The JOY of REIKI” (Delmar/NOW UPSTAIRS!!!) & “The Sacred Well” (Chatham) — Energy Healing Sessions; Reiki I, II & III Classes; Reiki Shares

What is Reiki?

Reiki is Universal Spirit-Guided Life Force Energy.
Essentially, Reiki is Divine Love.
And, Reiki is a Source of– and a Pathway to– Living in JOY!!

Reiki Energy Healing Sessions — for Individuals

I serve my communities as a Reiki Master~Healer & Teacher, empowering women and men to be whole, embodied, passionately and fully alive beings —
spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically!


I offer hands-on energy healing sessions that focus on people’s emotional and spiritual healing & transformation, while being sure to include their mental & physical well-being.

Having walked the path of deep personal healing, I now powerfully guide others to awaken, heal, expand and enliven themselves– which is truly an honor for me.

My approach is both gentle & radical– meaning, to the ROOT…

In a profoundly loving and supportive way, we powerfully get to the ROOT of whatever issues are present & calling for healing or transformation… Or, we simply nurture and empower what is wanting to be deepened & expanded: whether it’s a person’s experience of power, ease, aliveness, peace of mind, connection, Self-love & care, spiritual growth, something else, or all of the above.

First-time sessions are 1 1/2 hrs. $100 contribution per session.
(Gift certificates are also available.)

Reiki I, II & III Classes — for Individuals, Pairs & Groups

Reiki Level I: Activate The Power to Heal with Your Hands!
$200 contribution (custom 1-on-1) or $150 contribution (for 2+ people)

Reiki Level II: Expand Your Power to Heal Across Time & Space!
$250 contribution (custom 1-on-1) or $200 contribution (for 2+ people)

Reiki Level III: Reiki Master~Teacher, Play The Game of Mastery:
Deepen Your Power to Heal & Teach Reiki to Others!
$300 contribution (custom 1-on-1) or $250 contribution (for 2+ people)

Reiki Shares/Circles — for Reiki Healers (All Levels welcome)

Playfully & powerfully deepen your skills, intuition, and confidence– while having a really fun time!! All Reiki Healers will both give & receive Reiki, in various combinations. On-site support, instruction, encouragement & feedback provided. Contact me for the next Reiki Share dates, for both Delmar AND Chatham!!

Contact me to schedule and/or have a conversation:

619.381.6207 (cell, text-friendly!)
518.301.5717 (office/messages)

Close to Albany, NY (10 mins away)

Reiki Classes, Sessions & Shares now ALSO offered –by appointment only– at: THE CHATHAM BODYWORK COLLECTIVE, 4 Bushnell Ave CHATHAM NY 12037 (30 mins from Albany, near Rte 66/Hudson Ave Columbia County Fair Entrance). For more information: www.chathambodyworkcollective.com

Phoenix Grace, M.S.:

Reiki Master~Healer & Teacher: Since 1997, I've facilitated this ancient art of energy healing to clear energetic blocks to aliveness, full Self-expression & power. I also teach Reiki Levels I, II & III (Master~Teacher) classes to individuals, pairs & groups. Trained Spiritual Priestess: Through this path of service, I intend to evoke the Sacred in all people, while honoring each person’s individual path and spiritual beliefs. I serve as an open channel, or Vessel, for Divine Love- so I may assist people in their spiritual blossoming, growth & development. Landmark Worldwide Senior Graduate: As a former Staff Member with Landmark Worldwide, and a Landmark Graduate since 2004, I have great facility with the extremely powerful distinctions (transformational tools) of Landmark’s work. Given the depth of my own personal transformation from applying these tools and my sustained training, Landmark distinctions naturally inform & shape the guidance I provide people for creating and fulfilling what they truly want in life. Masters, Social Psychology- with a Minor (& Research focus) in Women's Studies: Tufts University, 1992

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