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AcupunctureMeridiansBased on the work of Dr. John Thie, Touch for Health uses a combination of acupressure and massage techniques to reduce pain and tension and enhance people’s recuperative powers. It also involves testing weak muscle areas which can impact a person’s health. It can be used to help improve a variety of health conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, digestive disorders, disc problems, menstrual difficulties, headaches and more.

Acupressure, part of the Touch for Health technique, is a healing art that involves pressing on key acupuncture/acupressure points on the body to help unblock electromagnetic pathways. These pathways, referred to as meridians, are used as one road of communication in the body. The meridians correspond to various bodily functions/organs. Unblocking these promotes the improved flow of electromagnetic energy which helps to heal acute and chronic conditions and enhance overall health and vitality.

massage-imgThere are specific massage techniques used in Touch for Health that also aid in healing. Some muscles are related to a specific organ system because they share a lymph vessel or an acupuncture meridian. Massaging these muscles helps to restore energy flow to these systems which improves the function of the organ that shares that system. The body functions as one unit, not separate pieces. Therefore it may be necessary, for example, to massage certain muscles on the leg to help improve the condition of the colon.

Muscle testing is used in Touch for Health to help diagnose weak muscle areas that may be affecting other parts of the body.

How does one weak muscle affect other areas?

Let’s say someone has a weak muscle in their right hip. In order for the body to compensate for that, the left hip muscle may tighten which also affects the left foot. This begins a cascade of neurological reflexes in the spine which can alter messages to the organs. Something called viscero-somatic reflexes.

The organ(s) then may experience pathophysiology (departure from the normal) which could result in chemical or hormonal changes in the body. The chemical and hormonal changes could affect other bodily functions and also cognitive abilities. The changes in cognitive abilities have a psychological effect on the individual which results in further postural changes and the cycle continues. One part of the body then, a weak hip muscle, could start a chain reaction of pathophysiology. By identifying weak muscle groups through testing, the patient may be advised to do strengthening exercises which in time will restore/improve overall functioning.

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Advantages: Touch for Health is low force energy work. No jarring movements. Biomeridians: This technique deals with the subtle energy of the body. Energy moves through 13 meridians, blockage of this energy prevents optimal body function. How it works: Identification and treatment of neuro-lymphatic and neuro-vascular treatment points with acupressure frees up chi - healing energy - in the body

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