Professional Fees

Chiropractic / Touch For Health / Kinesio Tape / Soft Tissue Mobilization


New Patient Exam: $75
Established patient re-exam: $15
Office Calls: $40

Pre-Paid Savings Plans

6 visits 10% discount $216 cost per visit $36
8 visits 12% discount $282 cost per visit $35
10 visits 14% discount $344 cost per visit $34
12 visits 16% discount $403 cost per visit $33

Prepaid plans are offered as a package. They may be
transferred to others, but are non-refundable and may
not be converted to use for other products or services.

Prepaid packages expire after 12 months of no activity.


New patient exam: $50
Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy (CMT): $28

Friday & Saturday Appointments: $90
Worker’s Compensation, No-Fault Insurance and private insurance companies all have their own fee schedules.

Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation: including Nutrition/Medicinal Herbs

Evaluation/Consultation: $85
Follow up consults: $40

Detoxification / Weight Loss Program

Three Week Detoxification Program: $269

The Detox/Weight Loss Kit Includes:
•2 SP Complete Shake Powder
•2 Whole Food Fiber
•1 SP Green Food
•1 SP Cleanse
•1 Tuna Omega 3 Oil ( or Flaxseed Oil for Vegans)

In addition you’ll receive three check-in visits with Dr. Olejak while you are on the program.

Forms of Payment

Cash, Check, Bankcards, and some forms of Insurance


Insurance Information


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