The JOY of REIKI (Delmar) & The Sacred Well (Chatham)
Reiki Energy Healing Sessions and Reiki I, II & III Classes

What is Reiki?

Reiki is Spirit-Guided Life Force Energy.
Essentially, Reiki is Divine Love.
And, Reiki is a Source of– and a Pathway to– Living in JOY!!

Reiki Sessions — for Individuals

I serve my communities as a Reiki Master~Healer & Teacher, empowering women and men to be whole, embodied, passionately and fully alive beings —
spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically!

I offer hands-on energy healing sessions that focus on people’s emotional and spiritual healing & transformation, while also being sure to include their mental & physical well-being.

Having walked the path of deep personal healing, I now powerfully guide others to awaken, heal, expand and enliven themselves– which is truly an honor for me.

My approach is both gentle & radical– meaning, to the ROOT…

In a profoundly loving and supportive way, we powerfully get to the ROOT of whatever issues are present & calling for healing or transformation… Or, we simply nurture and empower what is wanting to be deepened & expanded: whether it’s a person’s experience of power, ease, aliveness, peace of mind, connection, Self-love & care, spiritual growth, something else, or all of the above.

First-time sessions are 1 1/2 hrs. $100 contribution per session.
(Gift certificates are also available.)

Reiki I, II & III Classes — for Individuals, Pairs & Groups

Reiki Level I: Activate The Power to Heal with Your Hands!
$200 contribution (custom 1-on-1) or $150 contribution (for 2+ people)

Reiki Level II: Expand Your Power to Heal Across Time & Space!
$250 contribution (custom 1-on-1) or $200 contribution (for 2+ people)

Reiki Level III: Reiki Master~Teacher, Play The Game of Mastery:
Deepen Your Power to Heal & Teach Reiki to Others!
$300 contribution (custom 1-on-1) or $250 contribution (for 2+ people)

(Gift certificates are also available for Classes.)

Contact me to schedule and/or have a conversation:

619.381.6207 (cell, text-friendly!)
518.439.5077 (office)

Near Albany (10 mins away)
Sessions & Classes ALSO offered in Chatham, NY (30 mins from Albany)

Phoenix Grace, M.S.:

Reiki Master~Healer & Teacher:

Since 1997, I've used this ancient art of energy healing to clear energetic blocks to aliveness, full Self-expression & power. I also teach Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III~Master level classes to individuals, pairs & groups.

Trained Spiritual Priestess:

Through this path of service, I evoke the Sacred in all people, while honoring each person’s individual path and spiritual beliefs. I serve as an open channel, or Vessel, for Divine Love--so that I may assist people in their spiritual growth & development.

Landmark Worldwide Senior Graduate:

As a former Staff Member with Landmark Worldwide, and a Landmark Graduate since 2004, I have great facility with the distinctions (transformational tools) of Landmark’s Curriculum. I use these to guide people to create and fulfill what they truly want in life.

Masters, Social Psychology:

Tufts University, 1992

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