Delmar Wellness Office Policies


Office Hours:

      • March:


Thursday, March 1: 9 – 12 & 2 – 6pm

Tuesday, March 6: 9 – 12 & 2 – 6pm (*Sorry, NO CHIROPRACTIC TODAY)

Thursday, March 8: 9 – 12pm only (*chiropractic services limited to 9-12pm only)

Tuesday, March 13: 9 – 12 & 2 – 6pm (*chiropractic services limited to 9-12pm only)

Thursday, March 15: 9 – 12 & 2 – 6pm

Tuesday, March 20: 9 – 12 & 2 – 6pm (*chiropractic services limited to 9-12pm only)

Thursday, March 22: 9 – 12 & 2 – 6pm

Tuesday, March 27: 9 – 12 & 2 – 6pm (*chiropractic services limited to 9-12pm only)

Thursday, March 29: 9 – 12 & 2 – 6pm (*Sorry, NO CHIROPRACTIC TODAY)

For Comprehensive Wellness Evaluations (CWE) &/or supplement orders outside of these hours, please call the office line at 518-439-5077. Please note: Evaluations can be done in person (including house calls), by phone or online.

For Chiropractic services outside of these hours, please call the office line at 518-439-5077 to see when Dr. Kerschner is available at his other office location.

All office visits are by appointment. Drop in visits on days we are open are only on an availability basis.



  • Patients who refer their friends, family or co-workers are rewarded with a 20% discount on any service or product Dr. Olejak offers in connection with his practice as a token of our appreciation.
  • Referral rewards are not automatic — please ask.


Payment is due at the time of service, we are sorry but we do not have the staff (or the deep pockets) to manage accounts.

  • The forms of payment we accept are: cash, check, AMEX, VISA, Discover, MasterCard and PayPal.
  • Delmar Wellness has a number of pre-paid treatment savings plans (please click on Professional Fees to learn more)
  • Prepaid chiropractic discounts: apply only to chiropractic visits and cannot be transferred to other products or services offered by the center.


  • We accept No-Fault Auto Insurance
  • We accept Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • We are a non-participating provider for Medicare and Railroad Medicare (patients receive payment directly from Medicare after paying for service at the office.  The office prepares and mails in all necessary insurance claim forms)
  • Some of the private pay insurance plans (click text for plans) we accept can be found on our insurance page.  For all others patients are encouraged to call their carrier:

Patients Are Encouraged To Ask Insurance Carrier To:

  1. Verify coverage for chiropractic and Dr. David Kerschner as a provider
  2. If you are in a PPO (preferred provider organization), ask if your insurance company will offer you out of network benefits (if they do we’ll provide the diagnosis and procedure codes and file the forms so you can be reimbursed by your insurance company)

Medical Savings Accounts:

  • We can produce the necessary forms for you to get reimbursed for health care costs out of your Medical Savings Account at no additional charge
  • You can use your medical savings account debit card at the Delmar Wellness Center.


  • Returns: Delmar Wellness will accept returns on supplements under four conditions:
  1. The item is unopened in its original packaging
  2. The item is undamaged
  3. The item has not expired
  4. The item was not part of a discounted special offer or a special order. In this case we can offer a credit for other products.


  • Patient records are the property of The Delmar Wellness Center and The New York State Education Department requires us to keep records for 7 years
  • Upon the execution of a Release for Health Records we will gladly copy and send records to another health provider as a courtesy. If the file is more than 20 pages a fee of 25 cents per page will be assessed to individuals to cover the cost of duplication. (records for litigation are 75 cents per page)


  • Forensic Reports: In litigation cases where a forensic report is necessary the fee is $225.00
  • Testimony: If Dr. Kerschner or Dr. Olejak is required to give testimony in a personal injury litigation case the fee is $175.00 per hour

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