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  • Chiropractic care supports musculo-skeletal, immune and nervous system function.

Our Goal with Patients

Our goal at the Delmar Wellness Center is to help our patients attain true health by using holistic, non-invasive therapeutic approaches. By holistic, we’re referring to treating the body as a whole, not as fragmented parts. Holistic healing promotes optimum health and well-being, not just the treatment of symptoms. Read more about our integrated therapies >>


Chiropractic care is often effective in improving health and immune system function, in reducing stress, increasing energy levels, clarifying thought, relieving pain and improving sleep. Chiropractic treatments can be integrated with medicinal herbs, or massage to work synergistically for an even more profound healing.

Energy Healing & Reiki Classes

I offer energy healing work that focuses on people’s emotional and spiritual transformation.

Having walked the path of deep personal healing, I now powerfully guide others to heal and enliven themselves– which is truly an honor for me.

Medicinal Herbs

Dr. Olejak offers consultations on the use of herbs at his Delmar office as well as over the phone and via the web.

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