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Standard Process and MediHerb Supplements

We carry over 500 nutritional products. Office policy is that we don’t recommend products without a nutritional consultation.

Lumbar Support $30  lumbarcushionnavy
Orthopedic Pillows – D-Core mid size sleeping pillow $40 fib-240-241-d-core-pillow
Travel Pillows $33 0054519_core-orthopedic-support-travel-pillow
Foam Rollers — price based on size & density approx $20 Foam-Roller-2
Fit Balls $17-20 based on size 65 cm or 75 cm ziva_ball
Thera-band $1-2/foot 199052_s7
BioFreeze $14 biofreeze-gel-tube-4-oz-0200020
Topricin $17 topricin

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